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This is my latest presentation that I gave on April 8 day of the solar eclipse in Jackson, Missouri. I briefly talk about the significance of this auto eclipse and going into my introduction. After that, I cover the first four signs of the zodiac from Virgo to Sagittarius.

About a week before the April 8 total solar eclipse in America, myself and another friend of mine were invited to come on to “The Breakdown” podcast to talk about our outreach during the week of the solar eclipse. We would be passing out thousands of brochures that myself and another person wrote on the eclipse and the message in the stars as well as the live presentations I would be giving in the surrounding areas on the campus of Southern Illinois University, and in Eastern Missouri.

In this presentation, I brought out that the eclipse would be occurring in the constellation of Pisces and in particular on the bands attached to the fish, traveling to the right along the ecliptic, which corresponds to the house of Judah, which is the state of Israel. And that I felt that this eclipse would have something to do with Israel, and sure enough less than a week later we had the Iranian bombardment of missiles and suicide drones launched at Israel!

An in-depth study of the Sign of Sagittarius as it relates to Joshua's conquest of the land of Canaan in leading the children of Israel into the Promise Land.

In this sign is also signified the war that took place in heaven that resulted in the dragon, (Satan) being cast out of heaven.

Here’s my newest video release now viewable on YouTube where I show how the sign of Scorpio corresponds to the 40 years that the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness with scorpions and serpents. I also show how this sign is a foreshadowing of the death of Christ on the cross who received “the sting of death” on the account of our sins, our rebellion against God.

Newly updated presentation of the Mazzaroth

(60 new slides added to the original presentation).

In this interview on Revolution Radio with host Zen Garcia I will be sharing my 10 year journey of how I came to understand the Signs of the Hebrew Mazzaroth from a Biblical and Hebraic perspective. Also, my groundbreaking discovery of the 12 single Hebrew letters that tell the story of the history and redemption of the 12 tribes of Israel from Genesis to Revelation. In this broadcast I will be covering the first 6 signs of the Mazzaroth.

VIRGO (Bethulah): The development of the Bride through the seed of the woman.

LIBRA (Moznayim): The Exodus of the children of Israel out of Egypt and the giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai.

SCORPIO (Aqrab): Israel's 40 year journey in the desert with scorpions & serpents.

SAGITTARIUS (Keshet): Joshua's conquest of the land of Canaan.

CAPRICORN (Gedi): Israel's rejection of the Most High as their King for a human King. The Story of King David.

AQUARIUS (D'li): Judgment poured out on the Southern Kingdom of Judah.



Unfortunately the recording was cut short at the sign of Gemini due to lack of storage space on my recording device. The

rest of the overview can be viewed in the description.

The following three presentations were part of a series I did with Darla Wright and her ministry “Hebrew Code Searching.” Unfortunately because of time limitations only the first 18 minutes of the first video was able to be professionally edited. The rest I decided to go ahead and make available so that the information would get out. At the end of each segment there is a question and answer period. I hope you enjoy the presentations.

the constellations part 2 by williams with data wight hebrew code searching
the constellations part 3 by williams with data wight hebrew code searching



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