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After 10 years of studying the Mazzaroth I’m finally starting to write my new book entitled: “The Keys of the Mazzaroth.” This will be an exhaustive in-depth study of the 12 Signs of the Mazzaroth based upon the 12 single Hebrew letters that correlate with each of the 12 signs. They provide the framework for an understanding of the Mazzaroth as it relates to the history and redemption of the children of Israel. This is brand new cutting edge material you will not find elsewhere.

The past several months I’ve been busy writing and releasing some of this research on to my website free of charge. In April of 2022 I released “The Tabernacle in the Heavens poster that acts as a quick reference study guide to the Mazzaroth. It has been very enthusiastically received and appreciated.

In “The Keys of the Mazzaroth” book I will be going into much greater detail with the Hebrew letter correlations for each sign. I will also be covering in fascinating detail the symbolism in the minor constellations which is only briefly touched upon in the online studies.

I have a lot of work to do still. I hope it’s been a blessing to all of you. My dream is to devote myself full time to my writing, continued research, making more videos, and the promotion of my work. This all takes time and of course money.

If you have been blessed by the material i’ve made available on this site might you consider supporting my work with a donation and sharing my page on your social media platforms?

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